I’m sure I’m not the only one who spends a lot of time and energy to get my dog looking

just right at the camera for that perfect picture.  It takes some time and patience and life is a lot easier with our digital cameras, instead of the expense and time for film back in the day.  I would be developing a lot of images that look like this.

While it’s still the middle of summer, it isn’t too early to work on that special shot for your holiday cards.

I’ll share what we did to get a great shot with Parker.  It’s actually some of the same techniques they use in Hollywood to get the animal stars to “hit their marks” and be in the right place at the right time during filming of TV shows and movies.  Off course this is more advance and your dog should already know sit, stay and down.

First you need to find a treat your dog likes.  Having a food motivated dog is half the battle.  Though use something different then your normal treats, and find something low calorie, since you may have to use a lot during the process.  There are many brands that make these in small sizes.  What works for us is cutting up one of the logs of dog food into small bites.  We keep them in the refrigerator too, so he thinks he’s getting something of ours.

Then you work on luring him to a mark with a treat

Keep doing this so he gets more comfortable finally getting him to his mark.

Now move him to your basic sit command.

Then use your treat to lure him to the direction you want him to look and snap the picture.

Now all you have to do crop the photo or use a program to edit out the mark and there you have it.

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4 responses to “Getting Your Dog to Take that Perfect Photo”

  1. Cute photos!!
    I struggle with this with my pups, as cute as they are – they DON’T want their pictures taken! haha.

  2. Those are really great tricks! I am going to have to give them a try thanks.

  3. Cute little guy! All my pooches are so hard to get to stand still mainly because they are young or don’t have patience. I must try these tips on my fur babies this week! Thank you!

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