Thinking about getting a dog?  Here are some things you should know.

They choose what spots in the house belong to them. This is really nice when it is the floor or a chair you aren’t using, but don’t expect that, if Parker beats me to bed, I can plan on sharing my pillow.

Expect toys not to last too long. Tug a war seems to be a favorite game in our house, though he’s pretty good about finding a loose seam on a toy.

Everything is a chew toy to a puppy. The first couple of months they knew what we needed when we walked into the cable company’s office

They will always be waiting for you to come home.

You’re not drinking alone when you’re with your dog.

Afternoon nap time is the best.



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19 responses to “Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting a Dog”

  1. Toys don’t last long in my house either! Lots of shredding going on!

  2. Simba is always waiting on me to come home from work…so cute!

  3. Ha! I loved the photo with the chewed controller! Funny to look back once the puppy stage is over, but not always so funny when we are going through the puppy stage.

  4. Great post and as I say I might not have been prepared for certain things but I have no regrets and as long as she is happy I am happy.

  5. I do love a puppy! What a sweet face. I’ve had that remote problem a time or two. Puppies are good but they certainly need a lot of love and attention. Looks like you have your hands full!

  6. Dogs certainly can take over your life in ways that are unexpected. This is a fun article. And your pup is adorable!

  7. LOL Very few toys last longer than a couple of minutes around here. Though Cookie likes to carry them around even after they’re mostly destroyed.

  8. Oh my goodness! That remote though! I had no idea they chew through electronics. Forgive my ignorance. Wow. Glad I never had to deal with anything more than nawing on chords from my cats. Love the photos and nap time is the best for both cats and dogs!

  9. No matter what you do, your dog will continue to love you, so treat him or her with the respect owed to them.

    No matter how long your pet lives, it won’t be long enough and parting with them will be devastating. But someday you’ll get another pet anyway.

  10. I wish I knew about all of the fur in being owned by two Persian cats, but I wouldn’t change a day with them. I love how they meet me at the door when I come home or rest beside me when I’m working on the computer. They pretty much sleep wherever they want!

  11. Your dogs will love you no matter what you do, so treat them with the respect they deserve.

    No matter how long your dog lives, their death with come too soon and shatter your heart. But someday, you’ll get another dog anyway.

  12. I liked the photo of nap time. My husband always slept with our springers, not so much with the cockers. One thing I always tell people who are thinking about getting a dog is the time commitment. I tell them for a young dog, figure 2 hours a day (not all at once) to walk and play with it. For an older dog, maybe an hour. People tend to not realize that the dog needs attention and you need time to play with it.

  13. I loved the nap time photo. I always tell people of the time commitment when getting a dog. About 2 hours for a young dog to walk and play with it, less if they are older.

  14. Trying to post again– but the one thing I learned was, there’s no such thing as PRIVATE TIME. Dogs want to be with you all-the-time!

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